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Welcome. We are so glad you have found us!


Whether you’ve never flown out of state or jet-setting overseas is a scary thought, our travel planners are here to ensure your comfort no matter where you go.

For travelers who expect more, Live Well Travel specializes in designing tailored vacation and travel experiences to make your travel dreams a reality.
We invest ourselves in continuing education each year to stay updated on the latest travel trends, resort changes and pride ourselves in the quality relationships we have with our travel contacts around the globe. When you book your holiday through Live Well Travel, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the extensive partnerships we have worldwide which deliver exceptional value and access to unique travel ‘perks’ – making every getaway an unforgettable one.


From weekend getaways to extended, family-focused itineraries and luxury escapes, when you partner with Live Well Travel for your travels, you’ll enjoy the exemplary service and value designed to take the stress out of travel planning.

Get your passport ready and your bags packed for a dreamy getaway. We’re here to sprinkle a little fairy dust on your journey. VIP experiences for solo, families, and small group travelers. We are not a travel agency based on a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter approach. We curate travel to your needs.


Choose the travel adventure you want personalized, and we’ll do the rest. DIY trip planning can be stressful and time-consuming! Simply put, leave the planning to us, and we will arrange a customized trip that will wow you in every way and surpass anything you could attempt to put together on your own. No research or booking on your end is required.

Our team of knowledgeable experts is here to unleash your travel potential and help you jet set to destinations all over the globe. Visit our Destinations page to learn more.

Are you ready to unleash your travel potential

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