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Passports Right Now

At this time, the State Department says the passport application process is taking more than four months (18 weeks), and “expedited” service may only shorten the wait to three months, according to a release. This means passport processing times are three times as long as the average wait time prior to the pandemic. The State Department website indicates the dramatic delays are the result of COVID-related issues and high demand.

People who need to renew their passports immediately are no longer able to book last-minute appointments online. To check if your client can qualify for an emergency appointment, you can refer to the table on the State Departments “get it fast” passport HERE: 

Be Proactive Now

  • Check when your passport expires. Lots of travelers assume that if their passport expires right after the end of their trip, they will be okay. Sadly, many countries require that your passport is valid for at least 6 months past your entry date. While in practice they don’t always turn everyone away, they have that option. And with additional border controls in place at this time, it isn’t wise to take the risk.

  • ​If you need an emergency passport or renewal, do NOTdelay and BEGIN the process immediately

  • Check out the closest passport agency information near you. 

  • Refer to a private service that specializes in handling expedited passports. This may set you back anywhere from an extra $60 to $400, another reason to keep on top of your passport expiry date.​

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