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While there are so many places to visit in Mexico, let’s focus on one.  CANCUN.  It is synonymous with luxury, spring break, large resorts, and beautiful beaches. It’s often seen as an American playground. Don’t let the party reputation fool you – Cancun has Cancun's white sand beaches made from much more than that, with some of the most spectacular all-inclusive resorts and VIP service you can find!

Did you know that the white sand beaches of Cancun are made from none other than the bountiful crushed coral in the Yucatan Peninsula? The white sand is excellent — no hot feet, just incredible good times.

Flying: Cancun is often a quick 4-hour flight away for those in the Midwest.  Bring a pen with you.  This sounds weird, but we'll explain. When you fly out of the country, you must complete some paperwork on the plane. In my experience, most airlines give you the paperwork but don't provide pens to fill it out. Rarely will the airline supply a writing utensil, so bring one. Get a few because everyone around you also needs a pen.

Best Time To Visit:  Prices peak from mid-December to mid-January. The cheapest time to visit is from May to November – particularly September and October, the two rainiest months. The best time to experience comfortable weather and less expensive prices is shoulder season, early December and April.

Food Recommends: You’ll find a lot of rice, beans, fruits, and veggies like tomatoes, corn, avocado, and peppers in Mexican cuisine. Don’t be afraid to purchase food with the street vendors or the local “hole in the wall” places.  Some of the most delicious foods are found in the most unexpected places. There's a fantastic street food tour around Playa Del Carmen that we highly recommend exploring.  Message me to inquire about it if you are planning your next getaway to Cancun.


  • Relax on Isla Mujeres. Translated as the ‘Island of Women, ' Isla Mujeres is just a short ferry ride from Cancun. Originally a fishing village, the island still maintains its charming atmosphere, even with its bustling tourist trade. Kayaking, fishing, and sailing are popular here and swimming with sharks.

  • Explore Chichen Itza. It is the second most popular site for visitors to Mexico. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the New World. The site's elaborate wall carvings and columns. Make this a world-class attraction. Book a tour in advance and have a designated guide to get the most out of the site. Book a tour in advance and have a set guide to get the most out of the site.

  • Spa Spa Spa- From traditional Mayan treatments to modern, science-based restoration, Cancun’s spa offerings are diverse, and most are associated with one of the city’s top hotels or resorts, making it easy to enjoy a spa treatment almost anywhere. A few of my favorite spas within Mexico include LeBlanc Spa Resort and Unico All Inclusive Resort. 

What to Pack: Water bottle, sunscreen with a high SPF, a cute hat, and US Dollars.  Bring portable phone chargers with you. One of my worst nightmares is being stranded on vacation or business with a dead phone and no charger. That sounds dramatic, but I'm not kidding. My phone dies faster in other countries, probably because it's searching for service or I use it for photos often. So pack a portable charger because it's small enough to fit in any bag, and it works. It's a lifesaver.

Currency: Both pesos and dollars are used interchangeably in Mexico.  I use American money to tip people because it is more valuable to those who live there. If you enjoy tipping people who work hard, as you should, bringing some American cash isn't a bad idea.  Credit cards are used everywhere, too, so there is no need to worry about exchanging much money for pesos.\

Plastic Baggies: Do you know what plastic baggies are great besides holding food? Your cell phone. If you're going to Cancun for spring break, chances are good you'll be in or near the water with your cell on you. No one wants to break their phone due to water damage on their first vacation day. A plastic baggie doesn't allow you to float your phone in the pool, but it will keep it much safer than if it wasn't in one — and you can still use the touchscreen through the baggie. Major key.

Health Tip: Eat lots of fiber, or bring your favorite fiber packets.  I always have packets of my favorite fiberwise (with pre and pro-biotics-taestes-like tang for pennies daily).  Authentic Mexican food can do some exciting things to your delicate American stomach. Bring along your probiotics and fiber to help be proactive with this. You'll also want to bring any favorite essential oils to soothe the tummy in case you accidentally drink some of that water you're supposed to avoid (remember: ice cubes, too!).  Please read up on the top 5 essential oils I never travel without: r

Because you’ll most likely be going to Mexico for the fun, you’ll also enjoy that sun.  Prolong your tan by eating beta-carotene-rich foods like sweet potatoes and carrots or taking supplements. Remember, the most important thing is to keep hydrated by drinking water and applying moisturizer to your skin.

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