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Kat Bio 5.HEIC


Travel Advisor | Operations Manager

Specializing in Disney Destinations | Universal Vacations | European Specialist | River Cruises

My Story

My love for travel started as a child and has only grown stronger over the years. I am a true Disney adult and love to help both adults and entire families create magical memories! Additionally, as a rollercoaster connoisseur and Harry Potter fanatic (Ravenclaw), no trip to Florida or California would be complete without enjoying a few days in Universal Studios Parks!

In addition to my love for theme parks, I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, having lived in Sevilla, Spain for almost two years. I've explored the charming streets of Paris, hiked the beautiful mountain trails of Switzerland, and indulged in Italy's rich history and culture. To me, when you get lost in the history and culture of an old European city, you somehow seem to find yourself. My expertise in European travel allows me to create custom itineraries for my clients based on their interests, preferences, and budget.

As a avid nature lover, I have traveled from coast to coast in the US and Mexico in search of my favorite animal, the sea turtle. I enjoy planning eco-friendly vacations that incorporate conservation lessons and allow for relaxation and beach time!

I take pride in providing exceptional customer service and attention to detail. It's important to build meaningful relationships with my clients and help them create memories that last a lifetime. I'd love to be your guide on your next adventure!


Are you ready to travel? Let's go!

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