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Honeymoons & Romance | Hawaii | Group Travel | Banff | Lake Louise | Canada & Asia Enthusiast

My Story

My love for travel is not just a personal pursuit; it is a professional commitment. As an only child from Chicago, IL, I traveled a lot with my parents when I was young. As an
adult, I’ve visited over 42 countries, including China, Taiwan, France, Italy, Ireland and
other far-off destinations. I’ve traveled to explore, to serve as a missionary, to coordinate
and lead corporate events and to evaluate destinations for my client group.
I have been in the travel industry for many years starting in International Reservations
with Delta Airlines and for the last 25+ years, I have had the privilege of orchestrating
and operating seamless corporate events across the globe as a Trip Director.
I am confident that every adventure, whether big or small, has the potential to enrich our
lives. My mission is to share this passion with others, helping them explore new
horizons and create joy-filled memories that last a lifetime. Join me on this thrilling
adventure, where a world of possibilities awaits. Let's explore, discover, and create
memories that transcend borders and last a lifetime.

Jackie’s Favorite Vacation: Israel and the Holy Land – a once in a lifetime experience.
Hawaii any time of year, especially Kauai. Turkey/Greece cruise was a huge highlight

Jackie’s Travel Bucket List: African Safari, Costa Rica, Egypt, Vietnam & Philippines

Jackie has traveled to: Asia, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Europe, France,
Ireland, Italy, England, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Turkey,
Greece, Estonia, Croatia, St. Petersburg Russia, Malta, Spain New Zealand, Australia,
Israel, Brazil, Warm weather destinations, Mexico, Caribbean, Aruba, Bermuda,
Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Barbados, Antigua, Nevis, Canada,
Vancouver, Victoria Island, Toronto, Quebec, Quebec City, Cruises, Mediterranean
Cruise, Baltic Cruise, Tahitian Cruise, Alaskan Cruise, All of the Hawaiian islands, and
many US cities.


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