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Travel Advisor

 Active Adventure Travel Planner | Solo Travelers | European Specialist 

My Story

Travel has been in my blood practically since birth.  From spending my summers road-tripping with my parents and grandparents all over the US (48 states and counting!), to spending a semester abroad in college, I’ve been the #GlobalGingerGirl way before social media came about.

Professionally, I have been in the events and hospitality industry for more than 20 years, and in the group travel industry for the last 8+ years.  I’m an avid solo traveler, and primarily focus on active/National Park-based and Hawaii-focused itineraries domestically, as well as customizing individual and small group travel in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.  I also have experience traveling and working events in Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia and the South

I decided to redirect my extensive events and travel experience into becoming a travel advisor for two reasons: One, because I believe, now more than ever, the world needs the wisdom and understanding that only comes from visiting places outside of your local perspective.  As mentioned above, I was lucky enough to travel most of the country with my family as a child and got a glimpse of how different cities, states and regions interacted within their corner of the
world, something that was often very different from my Midwest roots. 
Studying abroad in England for a semester in college further opened my eyes to how my American experiences differed from the rest of the world.  My goal is to encourage that perspective shift in others and help make the experience a positive one through travel!

I firmly believe that experiences, especially travel, are the most valuable investments in one's growth and happiness available.  The empowerment, education and cultural understanding I’ve gained through my lifetime of travel far outweighs any material item I’ve ever owned.  Giving you the absolute best experience for your investment is my #1 goal and what drives me everyday.  Let’s plan a magical journey together!

Additional fun facts about Mandy:
Total states visited: 48
Total countries visited:  32
Live Well, Travel Often!


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