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5 Tips For Traveling Light & Healthy

As I travel the globe I continue to perfect the art of packing and keeping it light while having all of my wellness essentials at my fingertips. Packing involves deeply personal decisions, but by following a few simple recommendations you can pack efficiently. Doing so will help downsize your luggage, increase your mobility and save your sanity. So don’t stress — check out my favorite tips for packing light and healthy and keeping it stress-free!

TIP #1: The Law of Three:

Three pair of socks. Three pair of underwear. Three shirts. Wear one, wash one, dry one. You can get more miles out of leg wear, so two pair of pants and one appropriate pair of shorts or a skirt should suffice. And if you must bring jeans, I recommend one pair of jeans only. Bring a second pair only if you’re going to be traveling for seven days or more. Choose light, flowing, quick-dry cotton-poly blends in matching colors that handle wrinkles well. Super wicking clothes and underwear are the best for travel. My recommendation is to pack concentrated laundry detergent and quick-drying, synthetic clothing and wash everything while you travel. I like socks from Icebreaker and Smart Wool. These can be worn days on end without needing to be washed and they seem to never smell. And, if all else fails and you forget something, you can buy clothing from locals as you go with apps like Modabound (an Airbnb for clothing) and others.

TIP #2: Multi-purpose:

I’m a big fan of items that have multiple functions. For example, I always pack the sarong I bought in Bali years ago. Not only is it a beach cover-up, but it can also serve as a picnic blanket, makeshift satchel pillow, a sun shade, head scarf for bad hair days, shawl, changing room screen…the list goes on. Having one item that serves many purposes keeps my packing to a minimum. Select items that are compact, don’t easily show stains, and coordinate well with almost everything else you are bringing.

TIP #3: If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit:

Packing the right shoes can be stressful. However, most women don’t need to bring more than three pair of shoes on any trip. If the shoes don’t fit in the luggage, then they are the first thing to eliminate. Tennis shoes, a comfortable walking shoe and sandals or dress shoes for the evening. Pack light and choose a few pairs that serve multiple purposes, rather than trying to bring a pair for every occasion.

TIP #4: You Don’t Need That. Or That. Or That Either:

Lay out everything you think you need to bring on your trip. Then remove half of these items. You don’t need all that stuff. Start with a smaller bag than usual, and you’ll end up taking less than you would. I ask myself this question a lot, ‘Can I get this at my destination?’ if the answer is ‘yes’, most of the times it doesn’t make it into the bag. While it’s not about spending excess money and purchasing while traveling, everywhere you go has 99% of what you need. You can buy almost anything, anywhere in the world. So, it truly is safe, to pack half of what you think you’ll need.

Packing Hack: Fold, roll and pack clothes with tissue paper and dryer sheets. Not only does rolling save on space, but rolling your clothes in tissue paper avoids wrinkles and you can see at-a-glance what’s in your suitcase. Plus, if you toss a couple dryer sheets in your luggage (I use Melasoft, a non-toxic eco-friendly dryer sheet) you will eliminate static electricity and keep your clothes smelling fresh.

TIP #5: Stock Up On Wellness:

After you’ve packed your clothes and shoes, do not forget to pack the every day wellness products that will prove essential. Trust me, you’ll want to have items like medications, supplements, natural remedies like fiber, tea tree oil and personal care items close-by and convenient when traveling.

Take it from a girl that travels the globe: being exposed to everyone’s germs is inevitable, especially on planes. Make sure you’re prepared to fight off whatever comes your way by keeping your immunity up and getting your healthy daily dose of vitamins and minerals before, during and after travel. I never leave home without my Peak Performance vitamins. They come in convenient travel packs that are super easy to throw in your carry on and they’re customized to each individual so you can always make sure your showering your body with the right nutrition it needs. They are budget friendly, ten times more available for absorption than other vitamins on the market and packed with free racial protection – a win/win in warding off all those unwanted germs.

After a long flight you’ll usually want/need a shower, but you might not have time or access to take one. My go to is Sei Bella cleansing facial wipes: a piece of heaven anywhere you travel. These are the lazy and travelin’ girls’ dream products because you go from grimy to fresh in an instant without interrupting your travel plans. Keep them in your carry on and use to replace cleanser, toner and moisturizer, as simple hand wipes, or to wipe down the tray tables and anything germ-y around you.

Pass The Packing Test

As you prepare to pack for your next get away, go through your packing list and with every item, ask yourself why you’re taking it. If you start with the words ‘what if,’ or you only plan to use it once during an extended trip, it may not be a necessity. To learn more about the specific items I pack in my suitcase or my favorite eco-friendly natural products I never leave home without, reach out to me at my email, visit my website or check out more of my traveling blogs Travel With These Five Essential Oils; Tips For Light & Healthy Traveling  and Three Tips to Have a Healthy Flight

Take a stroll over to my travel website for tips on cool destinations to check out and help in planning your next travels, Live Well Travel ! What’s your best tips for packing light and healthy? We’d love to know as it’s all about learning together!

 — Amanda Kelly


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