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7 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

It's the month before school begins again and for many that means traveling to fun destinations before getting back into the routine.  No matter where you’re traveling—on vacation, out of the country, to a conference, or to visit friends and family—chances are, you may find yourself a little out of your normal routine.  But with a little planning, you can make your travels a little less stressed and a lot more healthy too.

I travel a lot!  Travel fuels my soul, so I’m always pondering places to visit and explore. In fact, I’m packing up to jet set to Machu Picchu to hike and explore.  When it comes to keeping a healthy plan while traveling — the struggle is real.  Through much trial and error, I’ve figured out what needs to be done before leaving, how to prepare and what to do during the trip to make staying healthy simple and easy. Here are 7 consistent ways I make my travels healthy and stress-free:

1. Pack Great Snacks:

Snacks from Almonds to Access Bars

There’s nothing worse than traveling and missing meals. You end up overly hungry, running low on fuel and at the mercy of buying or accepting whatever food is available or offered to you. Often times, these aren’t the best options — vending machines, fast food, etc. Pack great snacks and you’ll be sustained and find it easier to jump into the meal schedule at your destination. Plan out your snacks just as you would at home. If you know you like to eat/snack every three hours, then pack the appropriate shake mixes, supplements or snacks to last the duration of your trip.  I always pack some yummy and healthy grab and go snacks, including protein bars, healthy veggie chips, Access Bars and granola bars.

2. Pack the Right Travel Bottles:

How many of you have gone through the work of packing all your toiletries so carefully only to have them explode or leak all over your bag? Don’t worry, it’s happened to me a time or two too.  Of all the reusable bottles I’ve traveled with over the years, the travel bottles silicone containers set is fabulous. These reusable travel size bottles and 3-1-1 clear toiletry bag packaging are TSA approved and safe for carry-on/traveling through airplane. But the best part is they don’t leak! Each lid has three leak-proof walls to protect your personal items in your bag from leaks or spills. For added leak-proof protection, place them in a Ziploc bag. I always bring a few extras to have on hand.

3. Carry Multipurpose Drinkware:

My sulated Water Bottles Keep H2O Cold + Are Perfect for Mixing Drinks on the Go!

I aays have highly functional drinkware on hand for traveling. I look for drinkware that’s easy to clean, leak-proof and easy to close and keeps liquids hot or cold for a long time (when all else fails, a reusable water bottle does the trick). I am always filling up my drink-ware at the nearest water fountain to make sure I stay hydrated, especially if I am flying. While there’s no specific catch-all for how much water you need to drink while flying, a good rule of thumb is eight ounces of water every hour you are in the air.

I never leave home without my packets of Sustain (shown in lemon-lime, ruby red grapefruit and lemonade variations here) to put in my water. The added flavor helps me drink more water, plus the added electrolytes help me re-hydrate, rebound and recover without the added sugars in most drinks you come across at any convenience store.

4.  Pack Probiotics and Fiber:

The last thing you want while traveling is to be miserable in the car or in bed at a hotel. The things like your vitamin regimen and personal health shouldn’t be put on the back burner just because you are traveling. It’s easy to consider travel time as off-time from taking care of yourself in the usual way, but practicing total wellness during your trip will make your vacation all the more enjoyable.

Fiberwise in Mixed Berry — Critical for Good Gut Health on the Go!

I never leave home without my vitamin packs, fiber and probiotics. Gut health is extremely important, especially on the road. I take no chances with my own health while on the road, and always have an emergency supply of fiber and probiotics (for digestive and stomach issues). Traveling can lead to eating off schedule so finding a probiotic that doesn’t have to be refrigerated is key. I have used probitoics for the last several years — it has over 10 billion CFU’s, equal to 10 cups of yogurt to help with abdominal comfort, indigestion and acid reflux and is budget friendly too.

And then there is fiber. You may be thinking, oh yuck, fiber. But I have found one called Fiberwise that tastes like Tang for pennies a day that has seven sources of fiber (most fiber sources only have three-four sources). Mix it up with water or your favorite protein source and it tastes like an orange creamcicle. I’ve traveled in trains, planes and automobiles over the last several years and only recall a handful of times that I have felt a little under the weather. I attribute that to consistency in sticking to a healthy routine both at home and on the road.

5. Reduce Your Exposure to Germs:

Exposure to Germs Can Put You in a Prickly Situation — Always Carry Clear Defense!

Whether you are making a pit stop at a gas station, hitting up a restroom along the highway or flying in the airplane, you will certainly come into contact with exposure to germs. All of those high-contact surfaces like restroom door handles, armrests, tray tables, call button lights, etc necessitate that your wash hands often and always before eating. A hand sanitizer is good to pack in your carry on bag. My favorite travel hand sanitizer is Clear Defense, which contains tea tree oil and other natural ingredients to kill 99.99% of germs without drying out the hands.

I also have my packets of Activate (like Emergen-c) to provide that extra boost of vitamins to ward off the germs. It’s like Airborne with much more vitamin C, zinc and echinacea. Of course, I also bring my essential oils with me wherever I go. I recently shared my five favorite essential oils I won’t travel without. Included is one of my favorites for boosting immunity and protecting myself while traveling. When packing for a trip, I’ll bring this essential oil blend and an empty glass spray bottle. I like to mix three-five drops of it with water in the spray bottle to use on surfaces, my hands and even my throat.

6. Get Creative: Move Your Body:

I personally like to move my body right away in the morning to feel accomplished. It improves my flexibility and it wakes me up. You certainly can’t always control how the day will go when you are traveling with others, but you can plan a time to move your body anytime, anywhere and commit to doing it.  I don’t know about you but when I’m traveling, the LAST thing I want to be thinking about is being cooped up in a gym when I should be out exploring my new surroundings.

Exercise Should Never Be Boring While Traveling — Exhibit A: Bora Bora

Make a commitment to yourself that you will find at least 20 minutes a day to explore, to move your body, to do some sort of workout – NO EXCUSES. I make it part of my DREAM routine called where I do at least 20 minutes of exercise when I get up.  It starts my day on the right track. I drink a large bottle of water and enjoy my pre-workout Access Bar to turn my fat into fuel right away so that I can have a much more optimal workout without the lactic acid buildup later.

It’s easy enough to pack a resistance band or to download an exercise program onto your phone so that you can work out in your room. You can always jog around the beach, make your own exercise routine of jumping jacks and squats, or do some early-morning stretches or stomach crunches before heading out for the day. If you’re more of a yogi or prefer mat exercises, save your favorite workout videos on your phone so that you can access them anywhere. Taking time to find a workout routine that is easy and adaptable for you to do in a hotel room, on a beach, or in a small hotel gym is a game changer.  Understand the importance of keeping up your routine even while traveling, and you’ll be able to come back to your regular daily routine without skipping a beat.

7. Less Stress. More Happy:

The most important thing you can do throughout your travels is to not stress about imperfection. Your normal routine may be a bit off and you may not get as much sleep or eat a little more than usual.  It’s OK. Remember one of the number one causes of digestive distress is stress. So while you could be eating the most nutrient dense, wholesome food, if you’re stressed you’re not only impairing the breakdown and absorption of your food, but you’re also suppressing your immune system and increasing the likelihood of a reaction to food toxins or gut reactions.

Whether you’re traveling for work or play — you can (and should!) still indulge on amazing local eats and explore your new surroundings too. With a little thoughtful planning and practice, you can be your most healthy self and veer a bit from routine when opportunities arise. What are some things you do to stay healthy while traveling?

— In a collaborative effort with Shannon Miller Lifestyle, you’ll also see this post here: Shannon Miller Lifestyle Seven Travel Strategies. Amanda is an avid and frequent traveler for business and personal, she shares how she creatively and consistently combines healthy living and traveling into a lifestyle. Email for product recommends and discover her tips, tricks and travels on Instagram at @livelifewellmanyways


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