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Travel With These 5 Essential Oils

I’m a wanderlust at heart and absolutely love to travel. I travel often for work and even sometimes pleasure. However, traveling can make it very challenging to keep my personal wellness in balance. Incorporating essential oils into my travel routine has been a lifesaver in that effort! Thus my biggest worry when I’m packing for my next journey isn’t “What if I forget my passport,” “will my bags get lost between connections,” or “Will I need to switch my phone off cellular roaming.” Nope… my foremost concern is “did I remember to pack my essential oils?”

You may be laughing right now, but it’s true. Trust me, once you’ve incorporated essential oils into your healthy lifestyle plan, it’s really hard to imagine being without them for even a day. Here are a few tips to help you travel with essential oils and my top five to bring on a trip:


To Carry or Not To Carry I so often get the question: “Can you take bottles of essential oils on a plane?” The answer is YES! Here are the TSA regulations for carrying liquids on board…you are allowed to carry as many 5 or 15ml bottles that will fit in a 1 quart plastic bag.

90 ml = 3 ouncesSix 15 ml bottles = 90 ml = 3 ouncesEighteen 5 ml bottles = 90 ml = 3 ounces

Seal Everything Properly If you have more than a few oils than you’d like to carry on, you can pack as many as you want to in luggage that you’ll be checking in with the airline, but be sure to pack them in sealed bags with a few paper towels in case of leakage. The last thing you want is your precious essential oils and blends leaking all over your clothes!

Invest in a Carrying Case Carrying cases aren’t very expensive and make great gifts too. I carry on all my oils when flying, so it tucks right into my carry-on or purse. The case I use to store all of them is too large to take so I have a travel case. I also have a keychain carrier that’s perfect for using and sharing the oils on-the-go! Make sure they are sitting UPRIGHT so they don’t spill and corrode or leak.


If your essential oil collection is quickly growing like mine is, you might be tempted to bring all of them. But, please don’t. If you accidentally misplaced your oils on your trip, it really is no fun to have to replace your entire collection. Plus, the vast majority of essential oils have multiple uses, so you can mix and match for a wide variety of uses!

I am all about healthy living on a budget, so I truly appreciate the PURE brand that is free of synthetics, 100% pure oil extracted directly from the botanical plant source, subjected to rigorous standard testing, pure to ingest and of course doesn’t break the bank! This is the brand that I will reference below.

Peppermint Oil I pretty much don’t leave the house without my peppermint essential oil. Seriously! It is my go-to essential oil to quickly alleviate the occasional stomach upset, ease muscle and joint tension, and is an excellent energy booster when I’m feeling jet legged.

This oil is truly amazing for soothing digestion and tension headaches too. No matter how clean you try to eat, while traveling or on vacation, sometimes that can be difficult. A couple of drops of this oil mixed with a carrier oil on the temples or stomach can do wonders. To ease motion sickness, combine four drops Peppermint with ½ ounce carrier oil or Renew Lotion. Massage the mixture over the abdomen area in a clockwise direction. Alternatively, add 15 drops to an inhaler to help you breathe much easier.

Lavender Oil If you’re traveling somewhere sunny or plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, lavender oil is a must have. It’s excellent for soothing occasional skin irritations and sunburns and its fantastic for sleep support too. Simply add a couple of drops onto your pillow to sleep peacefully. You can quiet the queasiness when taking a road trip…Apply two drops Lavender and two drops Peppermint to cotton balls and place on back and front window ledges. These will help prevent nausea and also act as a calmative. I often put a drop of lavender behind my ears before descending on the plane to help alleviate any pain related to my ears popping!

Armor Oil This is truly my immunity booster to fight off all the germs around me. The protective blend is a blend of the essential oils wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. I always carry a small travel roller bottle that contains about 10 drops of armor mixed with Coconut Oil. I apply it to balms of my feet and around my ears and throat prior to boarding the plane.

Frankincense Oil This one is a “go-to” oil that I use daily! Whether on my face with my Sei Bella moisturizer or on my stomach to ease digestive issues, it’s a staple for me. It’s amazing for tension in the neck and head, bug bites and improving immune response. I like to put a drop under my tongue to help me maintain focus, and I’ll also rub some behind each ear to help with pressure changes. If you’re traveling to a region with poisonous snakes and scorpions, then this one’s a must-have! I’m also a fan of adding a few drops of Frankincense and Peppermint oil each for a circulatory massage for my legs or achy areas to keep circulation moving and help prevent blood clots, especially during long flights.

Lighten (Blend) This is one of my favorite blends for stress relief.  Traveling means lots of people, lost and damaged luggage, rude travelers and delays, crazy-scary taxi drivers and all of the other stressors that can interfere with travel plans. Basically anything that leaves a person overwhelmed, scattered, exhausted, or worried…I use this blend to keep calm and stress-free.

There you have it — my FIVE! As it turns out, essential oils for traveling is definitely a hot topic. We connected with Sam at Simply Earth who shared her love travel and oils and shared EIGHT oils to travel with — check them out: The Best 8 Essential Oils for Traveling. I hope this gives you some tips you can use on your next adventure. Now, if only these oils would time travel me to Tahiti without the 15+ hour air travels and connections!


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